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Five Arts Consultancy aims to make this website a contributing factor to your total well being by making available a wide range of information and services.

Since civilization, the Chinese has been pursuing the secret of the five arts namely Astrology, Divination, Face & Palmistry, Compatible Names and Fengshui to foretell the future and enhance living condition. Five Arts Consultancy is incorporated to provide some of these above services.

“As we walk our path, we commit ourselves to contributing our continuous effort in sharing this magnificent ancient Chinese Wisdom and connecting you closer to the magnificence power of the mutating nature.”

About Feng Shui

Fengshui is an age-old wisdom originated from ancient China some 3000 years ago. It is the culture of society and economics, the embodiment of culture stability pass down from generation to generation.

Fengshui involves the study of landscape, air, space, location, time, sunshine and humidity. It is the knowledge of directing, balancing and harmonizing those forces called chi. It differs person to person and from place to place. Different people in different place will have different experience.

The Ba Gua or the eight trigram is a set of symbols representing the universe. The formation and permutation of the Ba Gua is associated with the human affairs as well as the natural phenomenon.


The Ba Gua is one of the most sacred symbols in the ancient Chinese culture. It symbolizes the relationship between Heaven, Earth & Man and the time. It penetrates into various studies of economics, politics, military science, philosophy, literature, medical science, the martial art and architecture.

Every one of us lives under the influence of two inseparable field of chi, above us is the immeasurable vastness of space and below us is the invariable power of earth. This is where we lives and raise our family. It is our home.

Advantages Of Fengshui

Since civilization, mankind has been seeking immortality. As everyone know no one has succeed. But through the research of it, man has discovered what is known today as Fengshui which has the ability to improve our well being through good health, abundance wealth, happiness, good interpersonal relationship, harmony in the family, marriage, career development, peace and safety, personal achievement, descendants and many more…


The Black Tuttle

The Black Tuttle is also known as the dark warrior which, is situated at the back of the house, preferably in the North. It is a formation of gentle mountains. It symbolizes support with mentor luck and longevity.


The White Tiger

The formation of the Tiger is by one or more gentle hill lower than the Dragon in the right, preferably in the West. It symbolizes wealth, yin chi and illnesses. It is a risky configuration if the Tiger is over dominating than the Dragon’s.


The Red Phoenix

The Red phoenix is also called the Red Bird. It should be in front of the house, preferably in the South. The formation is like a small low hill which symbolizes fame and a comfortable life. If the hill is higher than the back, then success is tough to come by.


The Green Dragon

The Dragon is also known as the “Blue Green Dragon”. The formation of the Dragon is a roll of high hills standing on the left, preferably in the East. It denotes authority, yang chi and male descendants.


5 Elements

Besides the interaction of yin and yang, there are five manifestation of chi or “qi”. They are the metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The five elements are not physical substance but influential. It describes all matters and attributes. The five elements have relative effects on each other, constructing and destroying each other in a fixed succession.

Metal can be represented with gold, silver, bronze, etc.Water can be represented with still or running water in a pond, aquarium, etc.Wood can be represented with plants, trees, etc. Fire can be represented with candles, lightings, etc. Earth can be represented with soil, porcelain, stones, etc.

In this section, we will show you a simple diagram on how they interact with and against one another.

The Geomancer

Master Teh has practiced Chinese geomancy (“fengshui”) and astrology for more than 10 years. Since her early age, she has been exposed to and hence acquired the knowledge of Chinese culture and history, which has evolved in her vast interest in mastering the knowledge of fengshui and astrology.

In 1986, Master Teh researched and studied in depth of the Chinese ancestry and the ancient Chinese science with her teacher Mr Chen. Under the guidance of another honourable teacher, Mr Hui. She was fortunate to be able to explore the different school of thoughts in this enlightening subject. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, she started researching and experimenting and discovered the wonders of their theories and the effect they have on geographies and individuals.

Master Teh believes that everyday is a learning process in this ever-changing world we live in and she is committed to constant study and research on these subjects to further widen her knowledge base. In this connection, she is also grateful to her other mentors who have unselfishly shared their knowledge and findings on the intricacies of these Chinese studies.

Her work has benefited many individuals and corporate companies in numerous industries of trading, design, IT, medical, travel, airlines, fashion, F&B, hotels, retail and manufacturing (both locally and overseas). She speaks at Seminars and Talks to share her knowledge and experiences. She also make an effort to shares feng shui tips and news with her group of enthusiasts in the hope that this art will live on and benefit civilization with all its glories.


orange-barA variety of consultations are designed to cater for your specific requirements. Feel free to browse through our list of services. All clients, be it individuals or corporate are treated with strict confidentiality to protect your interest and privacy.

On-Site Feng Shui Consultation

A comprehensive Feng Shui consultation with review for Residential and Commercial Property (locally and overseas)

Annual On-Site Feng Shui Consultation

A yearly Feng Shui diagnose to keep up with the mutating energy for Residential and Commercial Property (locally and overseas)

Evaluation of Property

For home, analyze the compatibility and fortune of the property with birth data of all family members residing in the premise. For commercial property, analyze the suitability and potential of the property with nature of business and birth data of directors and/or key personnel.

Life Analysis

In the full life analysis you would get to know your destiny. It is segmented into 12 various aspect of your life which is called places namely your character, career prospect, financial capability, love life, marriage, family relations, health, children, social life & etc… Find out more about the palaces @ Purple Star Calculation.Besides the 12 palaces.

A written report together with your personal natal star chart will be given to you for your future reference.

Annual Personal Reading

Annual Reading is a personalized reading for a specific calendar year.

In this consultation, you will get to know about your fortune for the year and monthly guidelines of area of potential and avoidance. By knowing what lies ahead of you, you can be better prepared and make plans to maximize your success. The reading is an excellent guide to assist you explore your utmost potential.

A file with written report will be given to you on the consultation. The report consist of your personal overview of the entire year and your monthly analysis along with your favourable elements, colours and more.

You will also be advised on:

  • Your personal sign
  • Your favourable elements
  • Your favourable & unfavourable colours
  • The use of colours base on your birth data (bazi)
  • Your lucky numbers
  • Your favourable directions
  • Your compatible & incompatible zodiac sign
  • Your favourable crystals
  • Your luck cycle

Annual Reading 2018

Plan your Year in Advance
2018 is a sensitive period with violent conflict and surface of new ambition. The imperious earth element energy of the Dog will compel an eventful year in 2018 with uncertainty, justice and managing reality. Ignorance is not a blessing. Withdrawal will cause demotion. In every condition, there are people who will bloom and there will be failure. The reading is an an attempt to prepare and navigate you through the ups and down.

This consultation entails:

  • An overview of your year in 2018, which entails your potential, area of focus and obstacles.
  • You will have your personal Lucky Colors, Elements & Directions.
  • And personalize 12 individual months guidelines, focusing on area of concerns, attainability and luck level.

Birthdate (day-month-year), time, country and gender of birth is required for the consultation.

By understanding your path, you can create success and avoid pitfall. Message Yvonne or email to: yvonne@5arts.com.sg to book your reading.

This consultation is SGD$238 from now t0 1st July .
Payment is in advance.Please check for waiting leadtime or schedule before making payment.

Payment received before 30th June  $238
Payment made 1st July to 31st Oct  $280
Payment received on or after 1st Nov  $320

Auspicious Name for New Born Babies

Info required: Baby’s birth date, time, gender and country of birth together with the Family name (surname) and parents’ birth date. 3 to 4 sets of name selections with the meaning of each name will be adviced.

Change of Name for Individual

Info Required: Birth date, time, gender and country of birth together with the existing or used name. 3 to 4 sets of name selections with the meaning of each name will be adviced.

Name for Business or Shop

Info Required: Birth data of owner, directors or key personnel and type or nature of business.

Registration of Marriage (ROM)

Chinese Wedding Ceremony

The dates for Chinese wedding ceremonial includes, bridal bed setup, betrothal date, hair combing ceremony and customary date.

Important Occasions or Events

Opening Ceremony, Caesarean, Moving of home or office, etc…